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Sabtu, 23 September 2017

Job Vacancy at PT / PMA Outline Dutch Core - Surakarta & Bali (Social Media Expert, Bookkeeper, Duty Manager)

PT / PMA Outline Dutch Core is dynamic company in which you have a lot of opportunity to grow . Our business located in Jl setiabudi no 82 north Klaten and Jl Pratama no 106 Tanjung benoa Bali.

Visit http://www.outlinedc.com/ to learn more about our companies or call 0272 335 20 39

We are looking for candidates below : 
Responsibility and Qualifications :

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT (Based office in Klaten or Work from Home)
As a Social media expert you will be responsible for the social media of all our subsidiaries, We are looking for someone with a creative mind can improve the current social media and introduce new initiavies. 

Who are You? 
  • You have at least a complete Diplom III degree program aimed at marketing or communication
  • You are enthusiastic,instructive, stress-resistant, creative and initiative rich
  • You know everything about Social media and are not afraid to post something
  • You know how to live in each target group and know how to achieve it
  • You are very flexible and you do not have 9 to 5 mentality . 
Hard requirements : 
  • You have blogger/writers experience and feel like Social media as a fish in the water
  • You are excellent at english in word and writting
  • You are understand well about coding,css and html. 
BOOKKEEPER (Bassed office in Klaten) 
As a bookkeeper you will be responsible for managing finance matter of the company. 

Who are You? 
  • You have at least a complete S1 Accounting program from well reputated University
  • You are Female
  • You have experinces similar field at least 2 years
  • You are good in English & Excell
  • You are unmarried, enthusiastic, instructive stress-resistant and initiative rich
  • You are very flexible
  • You do not have 9 to 5 mentality. 
Hard requirements : 
  • You have to know how to make finance reports in daily,weekly and monthly
  • You’re capable regarding tax procedural as well the calculation
  • You will responsible making payment plan and update it regulary
  • You will also responsible to records all company expenses and income
  • You have to understand about Bank procedural and smart enough to handle legal letter of it. 
DUTY MANAGER ON THE BEACH (Bassed office in Bali) 
As Duty Manager on the beach you will lead at least 6 boys as team, You will control them and motivate them. You will be coordinator booking and the boys will be executor. The best camp is in front of the beach (Bali) as well you have to greeting the customers. 

Who are you? 
  • You have at least Diplom III of English program or Business Management
  • You are Male,mature and has background as Manager
  • You are enthusiastic instructive , stress-resistant , creative and initiative rich
  • You are willing to work in Bali and have to work 6 days in a week
  • Having Car driving licences are preferable.
Hard requirements :
  • Excellent in English
  • Capable with Email, Whatsapp, Social Media and Internet
  • Know how to manage teams and making reports as well checking the reports
  • You have a Strong mentality
  • And competent to Handle customer.
Submit your application letter into Email :

Cc :

Make sure you attached files below in your email submission :
  • Identity Card (KTP or SIM)
  • Your Lastest Education Certificate (Ijasah)
  • Resume previous Jobs experiences include phone number or Linkendin account, Blog Account.
  • Wages expectations.
Format :
  • Ducthcore- (Your name)- (a Job that you applied)
Example :
  • Dutchcore-(Ari santosa)- (Sosial media expert)
  • Dutchcore-(Suci Melia )- (Bookkeeper)
  • Dutchcore- (Ridwan L)- (Duty Manager)
Applicants with complete documents will be process.

This vacancy will expire at 29th September 2017

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