Lowongan Kerja Sukoharjo Supervisor Maintenance & Engineering di PT Bening Big Tree Farms

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Lowongan Kerja Sukoharjo Supervisor Maintenance & Engineering di PT Bening Big Tree Farms - Need Urgently Supervisor Maintenance & Engineering
(will be positioned in Sukoharjo/Solo Baru – Jawa Tengah)

  • Name of Department : Maintenance & Engineering
  • Direct Supervisor : Maintenance & Engineering Manager
  • Subordinated : -
  • Work Related : All Department
  • Gender : Female/Male
  • Age : 25 – 45 Years Old
  • Carry out building maintenance and maintenance activities so that they are always in a state of proper functioning and aim to realize the use of buildings that meet the requirements for safety, health, comfort and convenience as well as being efficient, harmonious and in harmony with their environment.
  • Routine maintenance of production machines by following correct procedures to prevent bigger damage and can increase productivity to a higher level
  • Ensure the sanitation system for clean water supply, rainwater distribution, sewage / dirty water and used water disposal systems, compressed air, and steam distribution.
  • Total production support with improvement, preventive and corrective maintenance based on GMP both in terms of engineering (mechanical and electrical)
  • Help the ME Manager compile both OPEX and CAPEX
  • Helping ME Manager to do work planing, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Make PDR per semester
  • Coaching or Mentoring to staff (Engineering team)
  • Making new breakthroughs (improvement) with adequate creativity and technology
  • Perform good efficiency in machining (mechanical and electrical)
  • Provide training on autonomous maintenance to production operators
  • Fully responsible for all machinery (mechanical and electrical)
  • Carry out maintenance and maintenance activities for the plumbing system (Raw water & dirty water)
  • Ensuring the distribution and availability of clean water, clean water storage systems and clean water supply media
  • Supervision of steam boiler operations and steam distribution.
  • Supervision of WWTP operations.
  • Supervision of cooling water system operations.
  • Air conditioner operational monitoring.
  • Maintenance of sanitary waste water distribution systems; sink, floor drain and kitchen sink which are then streamed to the next process.
  • Electrical maintenance and maintenance includes power sources, lighting, telephones, communications and alarms.
  • Create and carry out a preventive maintenance schedule for all machines.
  • Educational : Academy/Bachelor Degree, Technique /Engineering
  • Experience : 5 years as an Technique /Engineering
  • Managerial Knowledge
    • Leadership
    • Proper skill in communication
  • Technical Knowledge
    • Basic Machining (mechanical and electrical) in Production
    • Production support equipment
    • Technical Drawing
  • Others Knowledge
    • Familiar with Mechanical Electrical
    • Basic GMP regarding personal hygiene
    • Compiling reports with a computer
You feel that you are suitable for that position please submit your application and complete CV to novta@bigtreefarms.com

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